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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have changed our traditional way of buying things. From the day of its launch, Bitcoin wasn’t accepted at the time. Today, Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency to buy things and is accepted worldwide. Given its potentials to compete with fiat currencies, it is accepted as a payment option worldwide now.

Let’s have a look at what you can buy with Bitcoin!

  • Buying Real Estate

 In 2017, the first house sold entirely for Bitcoin. Although buying real estate with Bitcoin is not that common but several cryptocurrency real estate investment trusts are currently developing. They will provide you the facility to pay via Bitcoin to buy real estate.

  • Online video games, clothes, and much more

If you love to shop online, there’s good news for you that most of the online retailers now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Whether you need to buy any clothes or order any type of video game, you can now buy them with Bitcoin as many eCommerce stores are accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

  • Food, Hotels and Airlines Tickets

Recently, we’ve seen an increasing number of hotels all around the world have started to accept Bitcoin as their payment. Also, many mobile applications now allow you to purchase airline tickets with Bitcoin. One of the largest airline companies, Norwegian Air is currently planning to approve Bitcoin as a payment method. You can also order food from some branches of Pizza Hut, Subway, and KFC by Bitcoin.

  • Utility bill payments

With the increased recognition of Bitcoin, you can now pay your rent, phone, or utility bills with it as many governments around the world started to understand the value of Bitcoin.

  • Buy Cars

Today there are many dealerships that accept Bitcoin for purchasing cars. You can purchase cars with Bitcoin from dealerships such as BitCar, EZ Rent-A-Car, Classic Recreations, BMW and many luxary car dealers.

  • Donate with Bitcoin

Bitcoin payment is not just limited to buying things but you can also do donations with Bitcoin. Platforms like Wikimedia Foundation accept Bitcoin for donations through BitPay and convert it to US dollars.

  • Nearly everything in Japan

Acceptance of Bitcoin in Japan is increasing day by day and it is also one of the largest electronic retailers so you can buy almost everything with Bitcoin in the country.

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