“In the 9th partnership/integration overview, the Verse ecosystem showcases its consistent growth. This month, we’re delighted to announce 15 new partnerships, integrations, and collaborations that have enriched the thriving Verse community. This includes Coinsbee, a B2C platform where you can buy payment cards, mobile top-ups, or gift cards with Bitcoin and now VERSE! It also includes Cash2Bitcoin, a Bitcoin ATM company, that has chosen to use the Bitcoin.com Wallet app as their primary wallet, giving Cash2Bitcoin customers easy access to the Verse ecosystem.” Read More

“Cash2Bitcoin, a Bitcoin ATM company boasting a robust network of over 1,400 ATM machines and a customer base exceeding 160,000, has recently chosen the Bitcoin.com Wallet app as its primary wallet. This gives Cash2Bitcoin’s customers easy access to VERSE and the Verse ecosystem, which in turn puts the world of DeFi at their finger tips. It also makes it easier than ever before for Bitcoin.com Wallet app users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with cash at physical locations. Not only that, but it also increases the visibility of the Bitcoin.com Wallet app in real-world locations, augmenting the already impressive reach of the Bitcoin.com brand.”