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Cash2Bitcoin: Strengthens partnership with Genmega via Gemini ATM

One of the country’s largest cryptocurrency ATM deployment services,, has agreed to utilize the newly designed and cutting-edge Genmega Gemini ATM terminal, bringing faster future service to hundreds of locations nationwide.

Netco Processing – a sister company of and ATM service provider for the past 15 years – has used Genmega terminals for the past decade, so it only made sense to continue the partnership and deploy the next-generation Gemini terminal for future locations.

“Their superior quality and technology are, by far, leaders in the industry,” CEO Ayman Rida said. “We will continue to rely on Genmega’s kiosk terminals to ensure fast, secure transactions for the growing market of cryptocurrency consumers. Having the new Gemini model in our fleet will only help extend its growing reach and provide the highest level of service.”

Quality is always a top priority — and Genmega has never fallen short of expectations. Rida has been pleased with past results. With more than 15 years of developing financial solutions for companies across the globe, Genmega — headquartered in Dallas, Tex. — has played a key part in’s success.

In 2007, Genmega expanded its US-based endeavors as an OEM/ATM and kiosk manufacturer. Genmega also provides solutions for check-cashing, sports betting, cryptocurrency and bill-paying, along with several other customizable options.

“We’ve had nothing but great feedback and positive experiences with Genmega products and services,” Rida said. “The new Gemini promises to deliver in that regard. The newly designed terminal also brings ‘curb appeal’ for owners who opt to have our ATMs installed at their locations. They look great! They have all of the modern features. This is absolutely a win-win situation for us, and for Genmega, and for our valued client base. Genmega’s customized equipment and flexibility have been invaluable assets to”

Currently,, which has grown exponentially since 2016, has hundreds of machines operating in 17 states. Visit to find a Genmega Gemini/C2B crypto ATM near you. is proud to be the Official Cryptocurrency ATM of the Detroit Red Wings Radio Network

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